Anna Sui : similar Rose cheek color
Anastasia Beverly Hills : Brunette tinted brow gel
Bobbi Brown : Mahogany brow pencil

This Anna Sui cheek color smells so great and it lasts for long time. But should be careful when you actually put on your cheek, it might look too red and dark - I use this for special occasions. For my normal days, I use Tarte cheek blush. It has these bling-bling glitters, which make your face glow and look healthier. Nars translucent crystal light pressed power works great for matt finish after full make up done. And, I use Bobbi Brown brow pencil as an eyeliner instead. It is very soft and thick so, it works better for eyes than brow in my opinion. Here is my favorite one, Anastasia brow gel. It is not waterproof but it drys quickly and gives you matt finish look. Also, colors are so natural. Try it!

Christian Dior : Addict extreme lipstick 
Marc Jacobs Beauty : 210 boom boom hot pink lust for lacquer lip vinyl - full

Marc Jacob Beauty's hot pink lip vinyl is great for accent. I just use CC cream and brow gel when I want to be looked natural.  However, I could be too pale! Then, I put little bit of hot pink lip vinyl on my lips and smudge. Try it. You'll love it. When I bought this, I also bought a lip lock moisture balm. I was actually little disappointed because it didn't last long. Addict extreme 536 lucky color is my favorite lipstick color from Christian Dior. I feel like my lips are glowing because the color is so bright!

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